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Sept. 25th 1-4pm Mastering the Art of Moving Successfully Through a Real Estate Transaction


From Under Contract to Closing, this is the last training program your real estate agents will need. This intense training program will teach the agent everything that Real Estate School did not teach them:

  • Prepare their documents for listings and for their buyers
  • Provide a step-by-step guide on moving through a transaction from Under Contract to Close
  • Provide the agent with Checklists and a manual they will use EVERY day.

The Real Estate schools will teach you how to get your license. Bo Hatton will teach you the rest!

3 Hours of Continuing Education, $35.00. The results….EPIC!

SEP 10 | On The Way To The Closing Table – Let’s Meet Halfway (36000) Free 4 CE Credits

OCT 16 | Prorations in the Closing – (36000) Free 1 CE Credit

OCT 24 | Divorce, Wills, Bankruptcies, Probates and FIRPTA | All Have Various Affects On Title (36000) Free 2 CE Credits

OCT 24 | Many Ways To Lose A House And The Purpose Of Title Insurance (3600)

Free 2 CE Credits

NOV 5 | 2019 Annual Commission Update (36000) $25 4 CE Credits