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Matt BrewerIf you live in Highlands Ranch you live within a short walking distance to one or more of its many parks and open spaces. Some of them are hidden away inside neighborhoods and can only be accessed by foot, while others contain multiple playing fields, play grounds, basketball courts and pavilions. In all there are 22 parks with 70 miles of trials connecting them! One only needs to walk a few hundred feet and you can find yourself in one of the many protected nature areas throughout Highlands Ranch.

The Highlands Ranch Metro District owns and maintains an impressive network of outdoor recreation amenities including:

Highlands Ranch Outdoors Facts and Figures

Highlands Ranch is home to active people and a diverse wildlife population. Eighty-five percent of homes in Highlands Ranch are located within one-quarter mile of a park, open space area or trail. Our community has approximately 25 acres of park land per one thousand residents. In addition, our parks and open space system features: